The AVC Biotech services are now integrated with the Aeonian Biotech services.


Tests and validation results are vetted, approved and delivered with captions and legends


We specialize in both human and rodent tissues. However, we can extend to agricultural species upon request.

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All commonly used cell lines are available.

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Flow Cytometry

Think of real specificity, not simply a single peak away from background.

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Western Blot

We have access to most human and rodent tissues and cell lines

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Illustrations of services courtesy of Everest Biotech


Have your candidate pairs tested in sandwich-type ELISA, or have a single antibody's titre determined against the intended protein and against closely related other proteins.

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Welcome to AVC Biotech

For technical reasons, AVC Biotech will be rearranged in the near future and the current services on offer have been transferred to Aeonian Biotech.

Please be welcome to check the contents of these webpages for the time that they are still active. If you are interested to follow up on antibody testing, please contact Aeonian Biotech.



  • Rigorous antibody testing
  • Results vetting, including annotation of approved data with explanatory captions and legends
  • Various validation processes including negative controls and golden standard antibodies
  • First-class value for money for a service with scientific integrity

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